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Kit Includes:

Hot Wire Cut EPP Wing Cores
EPP Fuselage components.
Balsa/ply Motor Mount
2mm Depron for Elevons
Ply Servo Horns
EPP Tip Fins



The “TINY WIENER” TINY WING is the first in a line of micro models to be released by ItchyThumbs RC Models.

The kit features hot wire cut EPP wings using a carefully selected airfoil section ideal for flying wings.
The section features a slight under camber and has reflex built in to make the “TINY WIENER” a stable yet maneuverable model without the use of a flight controller to stabilize the model.

Ideally suited to large indoor spaces but also able to fly outside on days with little wind.

With a Wingspan of just 280mm and an all up weight of less than 35 grams the “TINY WIENER” is able to fly in spaces not possible with a larger model.

The model has been designed in a way that several set ups can be used including Brushless and Brushed motors and allowing for different TX protocols and battery selection.
The main objective was to use the stick style 1S battery packs made popular by the TINY WHOOP craze.


RECOMMENDED ELECTRONICS (Required to complete)

FRSky VD5M Micro Reciever
Hextronic 2 gram Brushless Outrunner (Recommended for indoor flying without FPV)
1.7g Sub micro servo’s















KingKong FPV System
AP03 4000kv Brushless Micro Motor (3.1g) Recomended for FPV set up.
Turnigy 5A 1S Brushless ESC with 0.5A BEC
By Far Our Favorite 1S Prop – 65mm Tri-Turbofan

Propeller options:

2.5 x 1R
GWS MicroFly 2.5″
HK 60mm Prop

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 24 x 22 x 2 cm