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  FPV race wing

  • Wing Span = 36″
  • Construction = EPP & Tape Covering
  • Motor Size = 2000 – 2300kv
  • Prop Size = 5″ – 7″
  • Battery = 3 – 4S  1400 – 2000mah LiPo
  • Servos = 2 x Slim Wing Servo


Kit Contents:

  • High Quality EPP Wing cores
  • EPP Fuselage
  • Ply Motor Mount
  • Control Horns / Clevis / Pushrods
  • Superior Quality Glass Weave Tape
  • Superior Quality Vinyl Covering Tape
  • Superior Quality Cut Vinyl Graphics
  • Corex Elevons and Tip Fins
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Wing Joining Glue
  • Clear Build Instructions With Images
  • Carbon Spar

Required to complete:

  • 2 x slim wing servo.
  • Motor, Battery & ESC
  • Reciever
  • FPV TX & Camera (Optional)
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The “STIFFY” 36″ wing has been designed as a racing wing suitable for both beginners and advanced pilots.

Aimed at FPV racing and sport flyers who are looking for a durable and reliable platform that will easily handle the rough treatment FPV racing can dish out.

80 – 90 mph encounters with race gates or trees are nothing to worry about.
In fact often you are able to regain control and return to stable flight if you have enough height.

The STIFFY design is one of the strongest available in the small FPV wing market.
We have eliminated many of the weak points other wings display by mounting the battery inside an under slung fuselage so the battery bay does not leave a gaping whole in the wing at the root section.
This helps maintain the integrity of the wing profile also improving aerodynamic performance.


The fuselage has plenty of room inside for 3S and 4S  Lipo packs and the hatch closes over the battery to hold it securely in place.
There is also room inside for for the other electronics you want to protect from knocks.

A clean build with minimal surface mounted equipment was our aim for this wing as every disturbance to the air flow affects the top end speed and glide ratio.

Unlike most wings on the market the STIFFY is not covered with iron on laminate which although helps a little with stiffness, lacks the strength a full covering of quality Glass Weave Tape provides.
That’s why our standard kit includes a full 50M roll of the best quality Glass Weave Tape on the market.
3M’s Scotch Brand Glass Weave Tape is designed for industrial applications and boasts the strongest adhesive qualities under testing, beating all other tapes in it’s class.

Once you have covered your STIFFY in this you can be sure that it will put up with all the beatings you wish to throw at it.

If your looking for a wing that will last, you have come to the right place.

Another of our primary goals was to eliminate the waggle displayed by most FPV wings where the wing rocks from side to side during flight.
We’re pleased to say this goal has been achieved and the STIFFY feels rock solid and stable in the air, even at speeds approaching 100+ mph.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 101 x 27 x 10 cm
Colour Tape

Red, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Green, White

Graphics Colour